Rose Songsmith Character Spotlight

Today is the release of Runaway Lyrics, the first of the Frosted Roses books, and I have the honor of sharing a character spotlight for the story.

Just look at this gorgeous cover! This is C.O. Bonham's debut novel, and I am very excited to read it!

Here is a character spotlight she created for her character, Rose Songsmith, from Runaway Lyrics:

Rose Songsmith is the daughter of Savannah Songsmith and the twin sister of Snow. There is nothing she loves more than using her musical abilities to perform magic.

She is a Lyric. This means that she can listen to the songs of nature and change them as needed to affect the world around her. She is talented in multiple instruments, including: the guitar, flute, dulcimer and her favorite the Violin.

Personality wise, Rose is a stifled extrovert. She loves meeting people and thrives in crowds, but her isolated upbringing has also taught her the value of quiet moments of reflection. Which is fancy speak for “she can keep herself company if she needs to.”

She thinks her greatest wish is to study magic with the magician’s guild and learn how to best use her powers to do the most good.

Rose’s real greatest wish is to share the magic with her twin sister, Snow.

Every time she tries to share the magic with Snow, she forgets about it as soon as Rose leaves her presence. Rose is growing tired of repeatedly having to explain.

By the start of the book, she has grown used to letting Snow forget. She even plans to run away and learn magic on her own.

But then, a miracle happens. Snow uses magic of her own. Rose waits with trembling hopes.

Will her sister finally keep the memory of magic?

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C.O. Bonham is the pen name for a commonly misspelled first name. She loves stories of all kinds, but really likes the ones that are weird, and outside the norm. A certified book geek, when she isn’t writing stories of her own, she is busy reading stories by others. A homeschool graduate with a degree in creative writing, her goal is to create stories that make people think, feel, and have fun.

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And here's a description of Runaway Lyrics:

What one sister has, she must share with the other . . .

Snow loves music. She has spent her entire life learning, new instruments and memorizing new pieces, only to while away her life in a country manor with only her mother and twin sister as company. If only she could get out on her own and play in front of a real audience.

Rose loves magic. The things she can do with music would amaze her twin sister, but whenever she shows her, Snow quickly forgets as if the event had never happened. If only Rose could get out on her own and work some real magic.

When an airship crashes near their home Snow’s magical abilities awaken. Together the sisters must learn to use their magic, rescue a pair of cursed princes, and discover their own secrets.

Discover the magic of music in this retelling of Snow White and Rose Red.

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